Questions After Chapter 2

It’s time to start developing the character of Max more. What kind of flashback would you like to read?

  • formative trauma
  • formative sexual experience
  • formative early exposure to business culture and/or the stock market
  • all of the above

And would you like this flashback to pertain to Max...

  • as a small child
  • as a high schooler
  • in the army
  • other (enter idea in comments)

As a way to thank Raina for helping him how does he reward her?

  • a cash bonus
  • arranges a private heavy metal concert
  • an amazon gift card
  • her own company

Max gets into “customs”. What is Max’s personal custom fantasy?

  • something about spreadsheets and ASCII porn
  • something about the destruction of bearer bonds
  • something about an executive board made up of all women
  • something about giving all his money to a charity

Sophia disappears! What is she doing?

  • she quit porn to start a new business
  • Max has no idea, it’s a mystery...
  • she joins a caving expedition
  • she is on a silent meditation retreat

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